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About Ralali Connect

Ralali Connect helps you to easily create an online store, expand connections, find suppliers, and connect with other businesses. Bring profits right into your hands with just one application.

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Doing business becomes easier with just your fingers

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Find distributors, customers, and business partners quickly

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Fulfill all business needs more smoothly

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Gain Much Profit

Successful business only in 3 easy steps: share your product catalog, accept transactions, and process orders immediately

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Find various businesses around you or in other locations.

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Through the community in the Ralali Connect application, I find it very helpful to meet with similar entrepreneurs so that I can get business insights from different entrepreneurs.

Ulfa Electronic Needs Distributor

I have been greatly helped to increase the visibility of my business as a legal consultant by using Ralali Connect.

Hari Notonegoro Law Consultant

I find it very helpful in terms of promoting my business with the storefront feature in Ralali Connect which can also be shared via social media.

Irsad Prasetya Owner of Souvenir Shop

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Address Head Office
Blugreen Office - Level 8, Jalan Lingkar Luar Barat no. 88 Puri Kembangan, Jakarta Barat, 11610, Indonesia
Phone Number
1500 465


  1. Download Ralali Connect app on Google Playstore or App Store. You can also access this web through web browser.
  2. Register using your WhatsApp number and enter your business name.
  3. Enter basic information about your business:

    1. Set a business link that will become your storefront link.
    2. Enter your business description.
    3. Select the business type.
    4. Enter the full business address.
    5. Set the opening and closing hours of the business.
  4. Set business logo and banner.
  5. Add links such as social media, websites, etc. to make it easier for customers to contact you.
  6. Your business profile is complete.
  7. You can already share business links with customers and use other features to expand your business network.
  1. Access your storefront page.
  2. Select Edit Business and select the Products tab.
  3. Click Add Product.
  4. Enter the product name, price, category, description (optional), and product photo. You can also mark the product as a recommended product.
  5. The products you add will immediately appear on your storefront.

A product is a choice of goods/services that you offer to be purchased, so that on each product there will be a Buy button that can be pressed by the customer to make a transaction. While the catalog is only an image or a PDF file that you display without direct transactions.

  1. Open the Ralali Connect app and select the Discovery menu.
  2. You will see the existing community groups. You can also filter groups by categories that match your interests.
  3. Press the Join button on the group you are interested in.

You can add friends by clicking on the person's name in each group post or you can also search for accounts by phone number:

  1. Access the Friends menu on the Profile page in the Ralali Connect application.
  2. If you want to add friends whose contacts already exist on your phone, you can sync your phone contacts to Ralali Connect. Then press the Connect button on the appropriate contact.
  3. You can also add friends by searching for their mobile number

    1. Click the search button on the Friends menu
    2. Enter phone number
    3. Click Add Friend

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